Who are we?

Maritime Mobile Cinemas, is an open-air and indoor cinema company. All that we need is a large outside location or an indoor venue and we set up the ultimate in cinema entertainment. 

How long is the outside cinema season?

The outside cinema season lasts between June and September every year. The indoor cinema season lasts all year. 

What time do outside movies start?

Admission starts 2 hours prior to dusk at which time the movie begins! 

What is a good time to arrive?

If you wish to get the best seats, you should arrive as early as possible! Prior to show time, enjoy music and our concessions.

I'm under 18, can I still attend?

All movies screened by Maritime Mobile Cinemas at public shows are rated G and PG. If you are attending a PG movie it's best to have your parents permission. This policy may not apply to movie events that are  booked for private events or by universities etc.

Can I bring children to the show?

By all means! Movies screened in public are rated G and PG. A movie under the stars is a great way to spend some quality time with the family!

Can I bring a chair?

Large deck chairs are permitted. The chairs must be placed in the rear  so as not to block the view of people who have brought a blanket to sit on. We recommend bringing a jacket or a sweater, as the evening may become cool.

Will there be food and drinks at the venue?

Popcorn and beverages will be available on site. Can you bring your own? Sure!

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, the movies scheduled for the night will be moved to a backup facility arranged at the time of the event booking. If no backup facility was arranged then the movie event will be declared a "rain out" and an announcement will be made. In our experience, Mother Nature has been very co-operative. 

What is the picture and sound like?

The sound and projection technology used by Maritime Mobile Cinemas is top of the line. Professional equipment is necessary for these kind of events.

Are pets allowed at the shows?

 No, sorry.

Can I take photos or capture any video?

Photos with your friends are fine. However, anyone recording the movie will be removed and subject to Canadian Copyright Laws and reported to authorities.

Members of the press, kindly inform us of your intentions with regards to video and photography. We will make sure you get the best shots!


Is alcohol allowed?

Unless licensed by a sponsor, not at this time. If you are caught consuming alcohol at an outdoor event you, will be removed.

Is smoking allowed?

No Smoking is allowed in the venue itself.

Can I BBQ?

No. Open fires are not allowed within the venue. You can bring your own food or purchase food from our concession.

I want to hold my company / birthday / celebration party at your event. Can I get a discount?

Yes you can. Do let us know of your intentions and we'll accommodate you the best we can.

Sponsored Events:

The rules above, apply to events that are promoted by Maritime Mobile Cinemas. If there is a sponsored movie night by a certified organization, such as a community or town recreation committee, they may have their own guidelines that will apply and will most likely post them during their promotions