Our Policies


Prices vary according to your location (travel costs etc.)  Your desired screen size and expected audience attendance will also be a deciding factor due to production required. Contact us for event pricing in your area.


Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis. They are only tentative until secured with a 50% non-refundable deposit. When the deposit is received, Maritime Mobile Cinemas' services are guaranteed at your event on that date.

You may tentatively reserve your dates without the deposit payment.

Every Maritime Mobile Cinemas event includes the following:
- Inflatable Movie Screen
- Projection System
- Pro-Audio System
- Film Licensing Information
- On-site Technicians
- Event Liability Insurance 

Film Licensing:

Once you have selected your movie, we will arrange the legal rights to publicly screen that movie at your event. Movie licensing must be confirmed before you begin advertising the title of your movie.

Other Media:

Maritime Mobile Cinemas' technicians are at your service to present more than a movie. We can present sponsorship ads, slides, live camera feeds, announcements, and much more! Your choices of media and advertisements need to be submitted one month prior to your event. We will prepare your specified presentation and project it at the event.

Various fees will apply to each service and will be discussed when booking the movie event.

Weather Policies:

Maritime Mobile Cinemas strongly recommends providing a backup facility such as a local school gym or local arena in case of inclement weather.

If weather conditions look threatening, (Imminent Rain, Looming Thunder Clouds, Dangerous Winds Capable of Damaging Equipment ), Maritime Mobile Cinemas reserves the right to delay setup of movie production equipment. Maritime Mobile Cinemas also reserves the right to cancel the outdoor movie event if weather conditions do not subside. Maritime Mobile Cinemas will then move to the backup facility providing one is supplied. If no backup facility has been supplied, Maritime Mobile Cinemas has fulfilled their end of the contract and will still be compensated for the remaining balance owing. 

Shifting The Movie Date:

If Maritime Mobile Cinemas is on site for the original movie date and you want to shift the movie date to the following day, there will be a shifting fee of $349.00 + Hst to cover staff wages & accommodations.

I you shift the movie date inside of the 30 days, there will be a shifting fee of 149.00 + Hst to cover administration and shipping cost.

If Maritime Mobile Cinemas is on site for the original movie date and you want to shift the movie date to the following day, there will be a shifting fee of $349.00 + Hst to cover staff wages & accommodations.

Shifting the movie date can only be possible if Maritime Mobile Cinema staff are not obligated to prior event engagements. 

Travel Cancellation Fees:

No travel cancellation fees will apply if Maritime Mobile Cinemas staff have not left for the movie event. Otherwise, there will be a $150.00 fee, plus $0.40 per kilometer to cover staff and travel costs.

Event Liability Insurance:

Maritime Mobile Cinemas is a division of One Stop Entertainment and as such is covered under OSE's event liability insurance policy. This policy covers any negligence on behalf of the OSE staff.

Set Up Procedure:

Maritime Mobile Cinemas will begin setup approximately 3 hours prior to the show time. There must be four (4) separate 15 amp circuits available within 100 ft. of the screen setup location to power the show. The inflatable screen will be setup within one hour. Audio equipment tests begin shortly after the screen is standing, and projection tests begin at dusk. After the movie, all equipment will be removed within 2 hours.

Balance Owing:

The remaining 50% of payment (first 50% covered by non-refundable deposit) is due prior to show time by certified cheque or money order. Please make balance owing payable to "One Stop Entertainment".